Updated Ordering Details

🎂🎂 New Ordering Details 🎂🎂
I love being able to provide safe, delicious cakes for you all but as things continue to get busier here in the kitchen I need to put some plans in place to make sure I can give every order the care and attention it deserves!
I appreciate that cake emergencies occur but I really do need a minimum of 48 hours notice for an order. If you do need a cake in less time than that there will be a 25% extra charge.
In addition to that, I have had to set a limit on the number of orders I can do per day. At the moment it’s 5 but I hope to expand that once I move into the new premises. (Exciting news on that coming soon!!)
And a huge big thank you to all you lovely customers, I honestly never thought I’d see the day that I’d be so busy that I’d have to write this! I really, really appreciate your support! ❤️

Joining the Unicorn Cake Train!

Only after I made this Unicorn cake for a little girl’s first birthday last weekend did I wonder who invented it! It turns out a bakery in Canada called Jenna Rae Cakes (their Intstagram is sooo pretty!) invented it about 17 months ago and other bakers have been doing their own versions since then! We added a little cupcake for the birthday girl too!

Unicorn Cake

Christmas Menu Launch

We had a suprise visit from Santy last night and look what he brought!

Give the

Our First Teal Pumpkin Hallowe’en.


So for those who don’t know, the Teal Pumpkin Project is something that started in America in 2014 as a away to include those with food allergies in one of the most food centered occasions, Hallowe’en. If you’d like to find out more about it you can look here. It’s all about inclusivity, It’s not about changing trick or treating for the children with no allergies, it just means making a small effort to include the children who can’t usually partake in it by having a few non-food alternatives available at your door. Or even just making sure the treats that you hand out are well labelled. (Oh and no nuts!)

It’s not that well known on this side of the ocean but I have definitely heard more about it over the last couple of years, even if it has been inside the food allergy bubble I live in! I decided that this year I’d try to put it out there that I’d be taking part in the Teal Pumpkin Project at our house this Hallowe’en. I got great feedback on Facebook and Instagram about the whole idea and the general feeling was that more and more people are becoming aware of it, so that’s good!

What we did to prepare for Halloween was no different to any other year really. We bought a few bags of sweeties, some novelty pencils, stickers, bubbles and some new decorations. Because I just can’t have too many pumpkin fairy lights or witchy garlands! We made up bags of the non-food things and carved our pumpkins. We also painted a poster with a big teal pumpkin on it to let people know we had safe treats.


I also went a bit mad and turned my scabby looking hanging basket into a ghost called Fabio using a sheet, a wire hanger and some paint.

We had a fairly quiet night trick or treat wise, but that has been the case for the last 9 years or so as we’re on a main road but I was delighted to have a few allergy kids call to the door! Most of our callers did look at me like I had ten heads (costume idea for next year perhaps!) when I asked if they’d like sweeties or not sweeties. Sweeties of course! But I was glad to be able to give fun things to the kids who wanted the non sweetie option!

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My own food allergy trick or treater did really well, he went out with his friend and his family dressed as Rick to his friend’s Morty. They came back here and he went through his bag of swag and got rid of the unlabeled or unsafe things (I did quite well out of that!) and we swapped them with some safe things I had gotten.

All in all it was a fun evening and I’m looking forward to next year already!

I know it’s a bit early but…

Untitled Design (1)

Candlewood Bakery is delighted to announce that for this Christmas season we will be manufacturing Christmas puddings on behalf of Granny’s Traditional Christmas Puddings.

The Granny’s Traditional Christmas Pudding brand has been making puddings in Clondalkin for the last 10 years in and have won multiple Free From Food Awards for their various products.

The range includes the traditional recipe, a gluten and wheat free recipe and a gluten, wheat, dairy and egg free recipe. These recipes include almonds so for the next few months I will have 2 days a week in my kitchen where nuts will be used. I will, as always, do a major clean down of all equipment used after each of these sessions and no nut ingredients or products will be stored in my kitchen.

If you would like to order any of the Granny’s Traditional Pudding range please use the order form below and if you have any questions at all, email orders@candlewoodbakery.ie

Christmas Pudding Order Form



Cake of the Week


This cake was for Mia’s Christening at the weekend. Her mammy got in touch with us to see if we could make a dairy and egg free cake for Mia’s party. She sent a couple of photos of the kind of cakes she liked, told me she’d like a lemon sponge on the bottom and a chocolate biscuit cake on the top. There was a special request for a rainbow behind the little bird too!