Eibhlín Baking

Candlewood Bakery started trading in 2015 however the idea behind it was born in 2008 when my son was diagnosed with multiple food allergies. Over the years I have gained lots of experience in replacing traditional baking ingredients with ones that were suitable for us. While I am now adept in making and baking things for him, one thing we have struggled with is finding fun and exciting treats that he can have out and about, or for something extra special at home. 

I set about developing a range of products that can be made suitable for most dietary restrictions, but what I really love is getting a special order from someone who has a very particular set of allergies. My motto is ‘There’s always a way!’

Being the Mammy of a child with allergies I understand how difficult it is to trust other people when they are preparing food. I bake every cake, pastry and cookie as if I was baking it for my own child. Having passed the HSE inspection of my kitchen I adhere to the regulations in keeping all equipment, utensils and ingredients completely separate, and I am very mindful of cross contamination. My kitchen is also nut free, so if a customer does want something baked with nuts I will purchase the ingredients immediately before making it, ensuring the nut products are not stored with any other ingredients, and I do a complete deep clean of all utensils and surfaces used afterwards.

The name Candlewood Bakery came from Candlewood Lane in the fictional town of Cabot Cove where TV amateur detective Jessica Fletcher lives.

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