At Candlewood Bakery each cake we make is completely bespoke and tailored to your own needs so every cake is priced differently but here is a general price guide for the different cakes we do.

Get in touch for an individual quote.

Basic Buttercream/Fresh Cream Sponge         from €40 

Fondant Covered Sponge                                     from €50

Chocolate Biscuit Cake                                         from €50

Cupcakes (plain)                                                    €15 for 6

Cupcakes (fancy)                                                   €18 for 6

       Donuts (one flavour)                                            €10 for 6

       Donuts (mixed box)                                              €12 for 6

We also offer delivery on all orders. We deliver free in the Clondalkin area, €5 in the South Dublin area, €10 for the rest of Dublin or contact us if you’d like your cake delivered further afield.

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